Introducing Rewards+ Points

NEW Rewards+ Points

We’ve brewed up double points, and triple points, but now get ready to level up your coffee experience with an extra shot of rewards and excitement – introducing... Rewards+ Points.

How will this work?

With each coffee stamp you collect on the My Barista Bar Rewards+ App, you will now also collect 1 Reward+ Point per drink! This exciting new feature will allow you to build up your Reward+ Points and redeem them for exclusive Barista Bar merchandise and other great offers.

Simply continue to enjoy your daily Barista Bar beverage, scan your loyalty card and we will take care of the rest, consider it our caffeine-fuelled duty!

How do I check my Rewards+ Points Balance?

You can check your balance at any time within the app, by clicking on the Rewards+ icon at the bottom of the screen. Don’t worry, if a certain item isn’t your thing, you can simply keep building your points to unlock bigger and better rewards!

How do I redeem an item?

Once you have collected enough points to redeem an item, select the Rewards+ icon. Here you can scroll through the products on offer and select from the list which item you would like to redeem. After you have selected your item, add in your delivery address, hit confirm and we will ship it straight to your door – all brewed up and ready to delight!

If I don’t have enough points, can I still purchase merchandise?

Absolutely! Simply click the ‘shop now’ button where you can browse and purchase from our Barista Bar website....A little retail therapy is always a good idea, even if your points are taking a coffee break!