As the largest coffee brand in Northern Ireland, we’re dedicated to ensuring we minimise our environmental impacts as much as possible, especially through the right disposal of our single use coffee cups. This takes a little help from our customers too.

Reusable cups

We sell a reusable version of our distinctive blue cup, available to purchase in stores or online here. During 2022 we saw a 10% increase in our reusable cup sales and there are over 90,000 cups in use across Northern Ireland.

Keeping NI beautiful

We’ve been the headline sponsor of Walk NI since 2021. Not only do they do a fantastic job of getting people out and about enjoying Northern Ireland, but they’re a trusted organisation that directly support essential campaigns including ‘Leave No Trace’ and the ‘Right Side Of Outside’ to promote and support ‘Keep NI beautiful’.

At a local community level, we also partner with local litter activist groups (including Eco Rangers Larne) by actively contributing to litter picks throughout the year, providing members with reusable cups, offer complimentary coffee to fuel and sustain their efforts and PR support to raise awareness and keep Northern Ireland beautiful.

Together, through both sponsorship and hands-on involvement, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on our environment.

Rewarding Reuse

We reward loyal customers who use their reusable cups in store each time they buy. Members of the scheme receive double stamps when they use a reusable cup, so they get a free drink every 5 purchases rather than 10. Free coffee, twice as quick if you act sustainably.

Going mobile with loyalty

With the launch of our fantastic new Barista Bar mobile app, we won’t be circulating more physical plastic loyalty cards for new sign ups either.

Don’t worry if you still have a physical plastic loyalty card or key fob though. These existing cards will still work at the till, but long term we hope you’ll make the move to use our app instead.

How can we help?

We’re always looking for ways Barista Bar can support our local communities to raise awareness on important social and environmental issues.

If we can help or support your project we would love to hear from you: